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Monday, January 12, 2004
      ( 1:16 PM )
Still Alive

Well that was an interesting week. We ended up being literally encased in snow and ice here in Portland last week. I couldn't even walk out of my house without risking broken limbs from slipping on the ice. After a storm that left about six inches of snow, the ice came and left a layer about 2 inches thick on top of that. Businesses, government and transportation were closed for two days. Our office opened Thursday afternoon, but I couldn't get downtown until Friday, but which time the back up of work was a huge mound on my desk. At home, we just happened to have a houseguest come the first of the week, and of course she is in the room with the computer. So, in short, I did not see a computer for most of last week. Thus, no blogging.

There is still snow and ice everywhere, especially in my neighborhood (we have surmised, looking at the news reports of other locations around the city, that we must not collectively pay enough taxes because we got no plows or help with the deep freeze conditions). But production must go on! We must get back to work! Luckily for me, work means a computer - and computer means reconnecting with my beloved blogosphere. Yay!

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