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Monday, January 05, 2004
      ( 10:32 AM )
Reason #572 Why I Love Portland

Well, it happened. Standing at the bus stop on Friday evening on my way home. We were all a bit disheveled and cold, standing there pretty much like normal. Then this elderly gentlement (probably in about his late 60's) turns to face everyone and holds up an almanac and says very loudly, "did you know that if you carry one of these around that the FBI will spy on you and think you are a terrorist?!" Everyone looked at him, most of us knew this already and were pretty pleased someone was mad enough to yell about it.

Then, from somewhere in the small crowd a little voice yells, "Hey, do you have any more of those?" And suddenly two older ladies, who looked in their 70s or more tottered up to the fellow as he smiled and said, "I just happen to have a few copies of the Farmers Almanac here!" and he gave them each one and a few other people grabbed one from him. And as the bus pulled up, about six people were standing at the bus stop proudly displaying their new almanacs for the world to see. I'm not kidding - it really happened.

I love this city.

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