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Monday, January 12, 2004
      ( 2:41 PM )

A quick snapshot of Mama's life today:

The BAD NEWS: My brother was notified on Friday that he must return to the Middle East this week. No warning. No explanation as to why it must be him, as there are many others who can do the job and aren't instructers (as he is). But the generals decide. I am angry and do not understand. But I am thankful that he's returned safely from the last 3 warzones he's been in, so I pray the trend will hold.

The GOOD NEWS: The 19-month old pointed to his diaper and announced "poop!" for the first time ever today. And it turned out to be a viable claim! This is a huge deal for those of you who don't deal with poop on a daily basis. This is the first major step from diapers to toilets. I am now wondering if the baby can be trained so that everytime he sees words coming out of Bush's mouth, he can exclaim, "poop!" But that might confuse the poor boy.

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