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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
      ( 4:59 PM )
Joe Out

Not that Joe. Joe Trippi. He has been replaced as campaign CEO by Roy Neel, the former campaign manager for Al Gore. All signs point to the fact that something needed to happen to shake up the campaign, and obviously some major changes needed to be made in the communications/advertising department for all those horrible tv ads. So all the major figures are out and in with some new blood. Looks like maybe some bad money was poured out in IA and NH and Dean wants the money better spent.

It hurts to see Trippi leave after the incredible job he has done revolutionizing presidential campaigns. But this business is not a friendly one, and this move will not only give Dean a lot of free press, but will also have the effect of causing more people to pay attention again. I'm sentimentally sad for Trippi and on the other hand have a resurgence of hope that this will be the break moment for the campaign to get back into contention. Lots of discussion at Kos.

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