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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
      ( 12:58 PM )
Let's be Clear

The Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) that is being proposed is now being fully supported by George Bush. But while conservative religious groups and the amendment's proponents would like the public to believe it is very straightforward and does not deny civil privileges to couples, the amendment's language is much more convoluted. Jack Balkin explains it very clearly.

It looks like the media is not going to truly investigate either. Most stories are describing the amendment as the moderate position, but I beg to differ. This isn't about marriage, it's about the idea that the leaders of our country are willing to push a process that would codify within our Constitution a legalized discrimination of part of our population. Tim explains it better:

I'll say it again: The pursuit of happiness is different
for everybody. Think twice before you support attempts
to limit the freedoms of others - because the freedoms
you value may be next on the chopping block.


I guess it's just a line I believe in. There's a line you
crossover from defending something you value, into
attacking what is valued by another. I happen to believe
that we can ALL enjoy our particular cultural beliefs and
leanings under the banner of this one nation. And that is
a striking difference between "liberal" thought and "conservative"
thought. Liberals are inclusive - they believe we can all
pursue our different dreams and goals - and in our own
unique ways. Conservatives narrow what those "goals" should
be - and of course, how we go about attaining them (lying
and thievery is apparently "in" these days). They're kind
of like "the Borg". They want everyone to assimilate. That's
not MY American Dream. Thanks, but no thanks.


P.S. Of course, it could be that Bush doesn't care a whit one way or another about this issue, but seeing how fired up the dems are for November, has decided that he needs to "get out the vote" and the only way to do that is to rile up his religious right supporters, and this is just the way to do it. Would he be that poltically crass? Umm... duhhh.

UPDATE: Maru has the perfect summary of today's news:

Bush to back same-sex marriage-ban amendment
"Today I call upon the Congress to promptly pass and
to send to the states for ratification an amendment to
our Constitution defining and protecting marriage as
the union of a man and woman as husband and wife,"
Bush righteously intoned.

"The president believes it is important to have clarity,"
WH spokes-hamster Scott McClellan said. "He's
confused enough as it is."

He said pReznit Poopypants wants to end "growing
confusion" over the latest court decisions in
Massachusetts and San Francisco.

"We need to act now," he said. "Before those icky
homos multiply and take over the Earth."

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