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Thursday, April 24, 2003
      ( 9:57 AM )
Blind Leading the Blind

Reuters just released a report a few minutes ago that basically says that BushCo didn't plan well because they didn't expect such a huge surge of Shi'ite nationalism. I commented on this several days ago after watching the reports last Friday of the first free prayer day in Iraq in ages. What I can't understand is how this entire issue was not repeatedly addressed BEFORE BushCo launched its war. It seems like any strategic planner worth his weight in toilet paper would have advised the president that this could happen and that there should be contingencies for it. It seems illogical to assume that BushCo simply didn't think about it. They already had a semi-plan in place for the American Interim Government, aka Jay Garner, to take over. But they didn't really consider the fact that the long-oppressed majority Shi'ite population wouldn't have something to say? It's like this whole issue of how our soldiers protected the Oil Ministry building and now have already started the first oil wells pumping again, and yet, the greatest treasures of human history were allowed to be looted and stolen, there is barely electricity and running water in the cities for people, and there is nothing for anyone to do right now except mill around and wonder what happens next. But thank God, the oil is pumping. Is BushCo really this ignorant? Do they really think that they can continue misjudging every thing about Iraq and still maintain their foothold? Do they really think that the world's opinion doesn't matter?

The scary thing is, I don't think they do care. I think they are yahoos who have no sense of connectedness with the rest of the world, whose only goals are power and dominance and who don't even give a damn that they are putting our country at risk economically, security-wise and in world opinion. Do we really want these people leading our country? How can Bush have such high job ratings? What is going on? Someone please explain it to me because I just don't get it.

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