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Thursday, April 24, 2003
      ( 8:19 AM )
Proud Mama

The Kid walked this morning!! He's been walking around pretty confidently when holding someone's hand, and sometimes he takes 2-3 steps as he's lunging for something. But this morning, he actually looked at us from across the living room, started toward us, not holding on to anything, then squatted as if he had second thoughts and would crawl the rest of the way...then stopped, stood up again, got this determined look on his face and took a tentative step on purpose, then another one, then he slowly and deliberately walked all the way toward us, like ten steps! It was a triumph! And then, to top it off, he did it again right before I left for work.

As a working mama, I often worry that I will miss really important milestones in the Kid's life, and so it was totally cool to be home this morning and experience this really great accomplishment. Now I am back at work after taking a day and a half off to sleep, having succumbed to all the germs wafting about me at home and the Office. I feel better, refreshed and ready to end the week with lots and lots of rants about current events. Still, seeing a very cute 10 1/2 month old teeter totter his way across the living room was a great way to start the day and I'll have to dig deep to get to my usual surly feelings about the government today.

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