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Friday, August 01, 2003
      ( 9:01 AM )
Another Appointment Down the Drain

Well, I'm sure we're all exerting a sigh of relief at the news that John Poindexter (the Gordon Liddy of National Security Counterintelligence Projects - that's not a compliment) is once again NOT working for the federal government. His brilliant ideas to spy on the American people, sweep information from all databases available on American citizens and residents, and the best one yet: his futures market on terrorist attacks are about on par with Liddy's "let's lure Democrats to a yacht during the 72 Convention and film them in compromising positions with hookers while they spill Democrat campaign secrets to us!" or the ever popular "let's fire-bomb the Brookings Insitute!"

While it's surprising BushCo would let go someone so promising for their ranks, it appears to be a gift horse Americans won't turn away. Perhaps the Admiral can find work as a talk show host....

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